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Our Philosophy

At Vitamin Fingerprint, we realize that there are countless people spending precious hours educating themselves to find more information about the foods they eat.   They may be athletes who are trying to make their body perform at higher level, students who are trying to study harder or parents who are doing their best to supply their children with the most nutritious natural foods they can.  On the other hand, these people may have weakened immune systems as a result of fighting diseases or live in a perpetual state of chronic sickness.  No matter the situation, if people really knew what they were eating, down to the specific vitamin, mineral, fat or amino acid they would be more educated and empowered to eat healthier and cleaner.  Just imagine, planning your meal in such a way that will enhance your own well-being.  



Our Mission

Vitamin Fingerprint will empower users with basic nutritional information of food, allowing them to make educated choices on what they eat. Our customers will discover the percentage of the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) of the major vitamins and minerals their foods are giving them in the form of an interactive bar graph, as it relates to their age and gender.  Vitamin Fingerprint will also give the user the opportunity to discover what vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are in the food they eat. 

Many people want to make the necessary changes in their dietary intake, but they’re not sure how to start the process. Oftentimes they are guided by fad diets, television commercials and the advice of friends, all of which usually result in a quick but temporary fix. 

Our mission is three-fold:

– Create a healthier environment by educating our customers on how to maximize their nutritional intake with a quick and easy analysis of the foods they consume.  

– Giving doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. a quick and easy way to analyze their clients’ dietary intake.

– Connecting our clients with supplement companies when their dietary intake just doesn’t quite meet the nutritional recommended daily allowances that they should be meeting.

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